Add a Smile to Every Face by Contributing to society

At Cognus technology, we believe that “Goodness is the only Investment that never fails” and advancing on this path dedicatedly, creates an exceptional difference in the society.

One such unique and commendable difference “Theosophical Society” is creating in the mankind circle. It is a global society devotedly serviceable for the unprivileged and handicapped children in Udaipur. They work round the clock for the kids to serve them with the basic necessities of life i.e. food, education and most importantly, inner happiness.

The Theosophical society is like a family for the poor children, as they put in full zeal and fidelity to support the kids with basic education & moral values. The society engages the kids in various enjoyable and relaxing activities and encourage them every second to get up and rule the world. This approach of theosophical society never let the children think or speak of their infirmities, instead give them the strength to go parallel with the world.

To become a part of this humanitarian move, Cognus Technology team took a step ahead this March 14 by visiting the branch of Theosophical Society at Udaipur; Rajasthan and spent some quality time with the kids to bring refreshing smiles on their faces. We became a part of them and made just a small contribution towards the society.

Truly, a time of value and pleasure of serving we had experienced that day with the theosophical family. So earnestly, we request you all simply to spare out little time for social service and support the Theosophical Society in the best possible way.

One thing we all will definitely earn in this social journey – We’ll be able to fill both the hearts with joy and contentment.