10 Reasons Why Visual Content Will Dominate 2015


Visual marketing is a hot topic - but why is it so crucial to your company brand to use photos, infographics and other visual elements in your website and social media profiles? Here are the statistics & facts listed down on how digital marketing is changing, and how images/visuals/videos are taking over.

1. 90% of the transmitted information that goes to brain is visual

Visuals are processed thousand times quicker by brain than text. Which clearly says that any information you want to present is better communicated in the form of graphics. Through more visuals, an internet user scanning your website will be able to get more value quickly with more interest.

2. Videos on landing pages have shown to increase 86% average page conversion rates

video on landing pages

  • People are lazy and choose to watch vs. read
  • Videos upsurge the length of time visitors stay on your page, giving more space for your brand message to sink in
  • Featuring company employees & the work culture in the video, raises the trust factor significantly

3. Visual content is social-media friendly: Consider the popularity of image sharing on pinterest, instagram, youtube and facebook

Viewers tend to share videos & images more than an article or a blog link Very well known that graphics in social media are like what air is to us and water is to fish. Smart business users go for beautiful images with company message to let it go viral on social channels like - Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn. Images on your website have a greater chance of being shared than anything else.

4. Businesses marketing with Infographics show an average growth of 12% in traffic than those who don t

No denying the fact that Infographics are a visually appealing way to connect quickly and easily to the target audience. 6 All it takes is an in-house graphic designer who can create a short infographic with the content requirements listed. Infographics are not only good for brand awareness and social-media sharing, they are found to be more frequently shared than any other forms of content - increasing reach exponentially.

5. Images & Video posts receive more visits and engagement

Visual content is more engaging = more shares more likes more comments more viral Taking Facebook as a point of reference - posts with an image are subjected to receive on average twice as many comments as those without. visuals receive more engagement Facebook Photo albums receive 180% more engagement than any normal post.

6. 60% of customers are more likely to click on a business whose pictures appear in search results

Pictures in search results It is indeed a trust building factor.

7. 67% of people prefer clear & detailed images than long product information or customer ratings

  visual content marketing   One of the major reason behind it being that visuals represent your products without making the customers read the whole lot of textual stuff. This intimates customers to have their own freedom to make assumptions about what products your website offers.

8. Visuals sell your products without forcing people to buy them.

Without spamming the user s inbox with compelling sales & promotional texts, visual storytelling can captivate viewers attention to make their own decisions without making them feel pressure from your business. 3 For instance, the above image from Lanc�me, a cosmetics company - It features professionally rendered images to display the benefits of using the product (DreamTone Ultimate Dark Spot Corrector) for even tone.

9. Visuals storytelling express ideas quickly - in a snapshot.

Creative graphics break through the tiresome clutter of online content. 5 Pictures carry emotion and opinion similar to text. Infact in many cases, pictures are more convincing than words.

10. Visuals are no more a daunting task - its becoming easier & more accessible with the photo editing tools

A graphic designer + the lots of tools for picture editing online = Creative Visuals Visual content marketing has in real terms gone beyond the level of a trend into one of the most powerful digital marketing tools the online business world has ever experienced. And as a business owner or a digital marketer you should start utilizing this visually motivating and highly engaging way of reaching out to your targeted customers.