5 Tips for Growing Your Ecommerce Revenues


Online shopping has created a comfortable and pleasant shopping experience for its users. A recent survey says that consumers approach shopping from multiple perspectives, with around 80% of shoppers accessing price information online and one-third on them use mobile devices to check the costs while they are in the stores.

To get a study on this fast-moving industry, here are listed down some tips on what e-tailers should be doing to keep up with the everyday evolving ecommerce trends.

1. Make the line between actual and virtual worlds hazy

The title mentioned above asks to treat customers like the multitasking shoppers who they are. Retailers will have an added advantage if they can bring together their online and retail experiences, making it simpler for customers out there to find what they have been searching for and easier for supplier to close their deals. Additionally, consumers should be given the chance to order through the net and pick up the item in store and vice versa - If something isn't accessible in-store, should be retrieved online and shipped to the customer's address. The strategies need to go further than discount coupons and quick offers in the walkway. Rather, e-tailers must strive for uninterrupted and manageable customer profiles digging deep into customer behaviors that will help convert the personalized online experience to conversions.

2. Target the right consumer at the right time with the right deals

Busy customers want to browse less and discover more, which is where the guided discovery and thoughtful recommendations come in. Many women are awfully tired of getting sales pitches for Men s products while these women would like to see some of the advertisements for a pair of jeans or stylish footwear they have been searching from long time on other sites. Mark my words, that might strike her fancy. Identify the ideal combination of technology, strategy and tools and drive more useful customer decisions to help them easily paddle through the vast amounts of products available & get to the heart of the product.

3. Dig into insights and stay on top of technology

Want to turn customer to your brands away from the competitor before he/she has a chance to swipe out the credit card? Study on geo conquesting, where you can get an idea on where your shopper is, through location-based technology. This can help you send your customer an attractive offer while he is still pondering around other retailer s goods. "The beauty of technology lies in the fact that it s applied best when the user does not get to know that his experience is being driven by it," says West Stringfellow, a veteran executive of PayPal and Amazon.

4. Go mobile

Tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices are rapidly replacing the desktops as go-to shopping tools, and as found in a report 40% of online shopping was done on mobile devices during the year 2013 - we can expect the same to grow in 2014. It presents a challenge to retailers, to let them come up with most favorable designs that customers can view on any smart mobile device. Generally, these are small screens that people look at for some seconds and make a decision. "Because the encounter is so brief, it needs to have a high level of effectiveness on target audiences or engagement." Says some of the marketers Apps that encourage sharing will persist to be valuable, allowing consumers to show off their purchases with their friends and family.

5. Priortize customization

Failing to personalize the shopping experience, specially in case of a high-end consumer or a big-amooount purchaser, is a waste of time, money and energy" is what many customers believe. If one is a huge brand buyer, the last thing the ecommerce site should do is treat him like a total stranger when the person to let them get down the purchase funnel much faster. Consumers also want unique, original, and customized products that they may want to design or modify themselves. 3D print technology, not widely in use yet, though it will be an important component in the wheel of custom-made goods.

Write us in the comments, how has your business driven ecommerce sales.