A complete guide to App store optimization (ASO) services


Researchers reveal that with a consistent growth of 29.8% per year, the number of mobile app users will reach 4.4 billion in the year of 2017.

The growing popularity of mobile apps is an asset to investors who want to utilize the concept of SEO via mobile phones. App store optimization is the key to market your business through mobile apps. It’s clear that a business has to invest in optimization of the app store in order to get high rankings among thousands of mobile apps.

What is all the hype about?

App Store Optimization (ASO) is just like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the mobile apps. Irrespective of the size, it’s has become a trend to develop a mobile app for each and every business.

And to rank the mobile app higher in the search results of an app store, one has to optimize the app store market, with some specific app store optimization techniques. The end goal is to drive more and more traffic, in terms of downloading the app, to your business.

The multi-billion mobile app industry is in vogue, and it’s essential to get in touch with an expert to optimize app among all platforms as soon as possible.

App Store Optimization Techniques

With the help of few optimization techniques, your mobile can get more and more people involved in your business. To fully manage the app market few techniques and services can be considered:

  • On- Page ASO

Following are the most substantial factors to be considered while utilizing the on page app store optimization strategy:

  1. Title: The highly search keyword should be included in the title of the app.
  1. Description: In order to derive most mobile users to any app, it is recommended to use the keyword rich content in the description. 
  1. Icon: In order to get acknowledgment from the audience, include the company logo in the icon of the app in a creative manner. 
  1. Category:  a detailed description is not enough to categorize any app, to make it Google friendly, make sure to mark the app type correctly. For instance, there are two generic types of mobile apps, games and applications. Choose the right one. 
  1. Screenshots: Keep it concise and clear. You may insert user-friendly demo, may be images and videos, and screenshots with your app to make it popular among the target audience.

 Bonus tips, to raise the rankings, is to insert plug-ins, let say Google Plus plug-in, with your app. The more shares, the more downloads. Leverage such tips and reach out a huge number of users. 

  • Off- Page ASO

Turn the visitors into clients. Apart from making your app attractive enough for the visitors, there are some more tricks to impress the bots that your app is eligible to top the charts. 

  1. Reviews and Ratings: it’s the most beneficial technique to indulge the happy clients and generate relevant traffic to your app. Insert higher ratings and positive reviews to an app and see the magic.
  2. Downloads: Another vital facet to practice in the ASO strategy is the number of downloads. The higher the number is, the most psychological impact it will have on the visitors.
  3. Updating: Allow users to be familiar with the freshness of the app. Conversion based ASO will intimate the users that the app is now available with the latest version and more updated features. 

Although, ASO is different from SEO, but the idea is same- Thrive for more and relevant traffic. It takes both time and effort to see the explosion. Incorporate the above ASO tips and see how the app downloads double. 


While developing an app for your business, you must consider the budget aspects. In case, you think that ASO is not your cup of tea, however, still want to encompass the X-factor of revolutionary mobile app marketing than hire someone expert of the field.

Leave this work to us; we incorporate ASO factors in a way to utilize the mobile app space for your brand. As a result, our approach will certainly help you to reach the targeted audience.