Content strategy can help you win the game of digital marketing


An essay was published on the Microsoft website in January,1996 with a title, “Content is king.” Author of the essay is one of the most successful men in the world, Bill Gates. The essay was about Internet marketing, and he summarized the importance of content.

19 years ago, when the essay was published, content only had a hazy notion of marketing. But today the marketing scenario has completely changed as 93% marketers invest in some content strategy.

Google updates and Content Marketing Strategy

Algorithm updates like Google Panda and Google Penguin have proven the fact that content, no doubts, is the king of Internet marketing.

Black hat SEO techniques have fallen flat with the strict rules and policy updates, and has sent the ball in the court of the content.

Every business, these days, depends on the search engine ranking, and high-quality content is the key to pop your website up on the top of search results. So, jump on the bandwagon and hire one of the best content marketing services, to furnish your audience, what they want.

Content is everywhere

Before we talk about the omnipresence of content, take a look at some eye-popping facts about it:

  • The American news aggregator, Huffington Post, produces 1,200 pieces of content every day.

  • Users of the most popular open source web site tool, Word Press, provide about 35.8 million unique posts every month.

  • The famous business magazine, Forbes, produces 400 pieces each day on an average.

  • And, a bonus surprising fact, the Internet is being flooded with 92,000 articles daily.

Everyone is writing content, either a 16 years old boy sharing his opinions about the latest technological device that he bought this birthday or a 40 years old woman who bought few golf accessories from an online shopping portal.

Content digital marketing is a viral tactic to reach an enormous audience in less time. And, marketers take benefit from the search-able content to generate relevant traffic.

A Success Mantra for Marketers

The power behind the throne of popularity is quality content, as it has changed the SEO landscape in a manner that no industry is too small to utilize it.

Content marketing strategy can generate unique site traffic and that too on a 62% less cost than conventional marketing. A significant improvement in the page rankings can only be achieved with unique and high-quality content.

You can draw more and more people to your website with engaging piece of writing that users are actually looking for. The future aspect of digital marketing depends on a content that is rich in following traits:

  • In order to attract users, write in an attention-grabbing language and make your products more appealing.

  • Content marketing services do not believe in connections, they just want to make everyone aware about your products and services. Thus, they focus on emphasizing your brand message.

  • Content written with strategic use of keywords to spring your website up on the search engines.

  • It's the era of social sharing. Thus advertising is of no use, people believe in what other people are saying about your products.

  • The human factor is a successful trick to engage visitors; make use of social space to share user reviews and ratings.

Follow a content marketing strategy to provide quality and reliable content, and make your brand recognizable and trustworthy in the competitive marketplace.

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