How to create a video go viral The Secret Sauce


Brands today are looking to network with their audiences through an approach that brings delight to the viewer and aligns with the offerings that companies want to showcase clever visual storytelling. Digital marketing experts consider video to be a new leading edge in marketing - be it through broadcast on YouTube, short stories on Vine, Instagram, Dailymotion, vimeo and Snapchat.

Creating a successful video is all about creativity, imagination and way of expression. Videos should cue people to engage with a brand in a real fashion as in the end, people share viral videos (no matter branded or what) because they have come across something worth sharing with their networks regardless of a brand's secret motives. Then there you are: more views, more shares, more people you reach, and more the audience becomes aware of your brand and what potentially your company offers.

  • Tell a great StoryIf a picture is said to be a thousand words worth, then a video can said to be worth thousands more. Doesn t matter what you are selling, the story should always weigh more than the product. Viewers are least interested in sharing a video which presents the advantage of choosing one brand over the other.

    Take an example of Evian Roller babies or T mobile dance, the product for advertisement is not shown in the video at all until the last 5 seconds, in which the actual product is showcased. The adorable dancing babies in Evian and adults at Liverpool station in T mobile ad earn millions of shares, thereby branding the product.

  • Start with a bang Capturing viewer attention in first 5 seconds is an essential ingredient for a video to be viral. Social media experts can bring it into action through various techniques, say - great music, thriller intros, action sequences, celebrities and humor.
  • Build a touching relation You may have got the viewer s interest but to keep them interested is a crucial task again. If the short film does not create a moving effect on the audience by making them scream, laugh, smile, cry or love, the audience might get disengaged and leave it in between. An example could be Dove's Real Beauty Sketches which brought the idea of building an emotional link to life, moving people to tears.
  • Short And Amazing People expect things to be fast and that is obvious from the way we tend to jump from one website to the other, often without reading the content on the page. The target audience does not have much patience - so amaze them with the video that tells what you want to tell in no longer than 3 minutes.
  • Distribute well to make it viral Yes, the most important step is - distribution. You might have prepared an awesome video either fun-filled, information-driven or emotional, but to present it to the right people at the right time is the take away. For example, may be at an initial level on YouTube, very few people might have watched the video. But once it is tweeted by a celebrity or mentioned in a facebook post of a most liked page/profile or a super popular blog, views might get upraised at a rocket speed to cross million views & shares. Your videos are far more likely to go viral if recommended by influential bloggers, celebrities or through other crowded channels, not limited to Youtube. The concerned social media strategist should make sure to spread the video on all prominent channels by interlinking the platforms.

    Instead of focusing on self-promotion, brands need to make sure their videos have appeal, brand likeness and promotion is the second thing. Rather than oscillating the brand throughout the film, viewers might be given a platter that are interested into letting them realize only in the final frame that they're watching a brand video.

Thing to remember There is a chance that after all those Pounds and hours invested in the production of video - it might go flop or even if it goes viral, the views won't translate to conversions. But do not give up on this idea as storytelling can help out your company stay on the mark in ways that cannot be calculated. So better start storyboarding by partnering with expert social media agency like Cognus. What's your favorite branded video? Do let us know by posting your comments.