How to Create Facebook Ads That Convert


How to Create Facebook Ads That Convert

Facebook had recently just turned 10 and in a very short time has radically changed the aspect of online interaction and social networking with its more than 1.35 billion people worldwide.

This social network is turning in 1.5 billion in profit from its 8 billion revenues, all from its excellent paid advertising platform that businesses can leverage to get more traffic and more fans to their Facebook page and thereby to websites.

I would be no overstatement to say – Facebook Ads has become new avenue for business owners and digital marketers to promote their brands, products & services to the highly targeted audiences and churn out profits.

The paid advertising from Facebook for business has also gone a long way from its early period advertising tool and is now making it even better.

Choosing Facebook Paid as per the Campaign Objective: How to advertise on Facebook

Not all advertisements are equal. Some may be great for getting people to “like” your Page, some for getting your fans to engage into loyalty, while others for stimulating your audience to click a post leading them to your website.

Here is a list of the different objectives Facebook Advertisement gives you to choose from:

  1. Page Post Engagement: To promote your page posts

Marketers can use Paid Post Engagement either through the ad manager or by directly clicking on ‘boost a post’ on the page’s timeline.

Good for:

  • Boosting Page post for likes, engagement with comments, wider reach through more shares
  • Customizing your ad to cater to a particular audience you need to reach
  • Customizing the ad as per the particular budget you have set

Things to remember:

  • Properly select the audience, whether targeting for a wider reach or going for a more specific targeted audience
  • Make sure that each post you pay for worth promoting
  • Do not waste advertising budgets on promoting posts that don’t bring results


  1. Page Likes: To grow audience and build brand

For a Facebook Page for the brand or business, an important social signal is swarming Page Likes. “The Paid Likes” from Facebook ad manager helps build bigger audience by getting more online users to like the business page.

Good for:

  • Better brand awareness as more the likes, bigger the number of audiences becoming aware of the brand
  • Constructing a fan base for a newly created Page

Things to remember:

  • Choose an appealing to the eye image for the ad that attracts the attention of targeted audiences.
  • Write a very compelling headline and ad copy to generate the biggest interest & audiences to click on your ads.
  • Define the right audience to ensure that it reaches the targeted crowd
  1. Offer Claims: To create offers for people to redeem in your store

One of the innovative ways to create engagement with the customers is to promote deals that you can create through Facebook. Like visitors will be rewarded through coupons, discounts and other promotional offers.

  • Prelaunch Offers
  • Holiday/Season Offers
  • Offers for Liking, Sharing or Following On Social
  • Referral Offers


Good for:

Getting your targeted users get involved in the promotions you are offering by showing up in their news feeds.

Best Practices:

Carefully target your ads so as to prevent unnecessary expenses that may occur

  • Keep the headline no more than 90 characters
  • Use clear & persuasive images
  • Limit the number of claims
  • Set an expiration date
  • Add terms and conditions
  1. Clicks to Websites: Redirect people to visit your website

Some digital marketers prefer producing traffic to the company’s websites/landing pages instead of the Facebook Pages. This paid advertising would be the just right option for them.

Good for:

  • Getting the audience straight into the heart of the action and take a profitable move
  • Increasing traffic to website from targeted Facebook users
  • Promoting landing pages on Facebook without having or maintaining FB Page

Best Practices:

  • URL of the site can be specified in the Ads manager after selecting the Clicks to Website option
  • URL can be of the website or the landing page
  • A compelling, high resolution image would go well with the promotion
  • Ideal image sizes for News Feed option are 600×225 pixels and for the side bar are 111×74 pixels
  • A compelling headline to redirect visitors towards your website or landing pages
  1. Website Conversions: To perform call to actions on your site

It is alike the Clicks to Website option in Ad Sense, a specific URL of the site is to be given along with adding a conversion-tracking pixel that will keep track of the conversions results.

Good for:

  • Promoting a specific action that visitors will take when they are directed towards the specified URL’s.
  • Keeping track of the performance of ad campaigns in terms of - type of conversion you would like your visitors to take

Best Practices:

  • Choose the appropriate conversion tracking pixel which includes:
    • Checkouts
    • Leads
    • Registrations
    • Add to Carts
    • Key Web Page Views
    • Other Web Conversions
  • Carefully specify the targeted audience, the budget in ad campaign, and the time frame you want your campaign to run
  • Redirect targeted audiences to a landing page where through quick contact form, their user information can be captured for further engagement.
  1. App Installs: To install your mobile or desktop app

Facebook apps are becoming popular & can be one of the more innovative, powerful way to engage with targeted audiences.

Good for:

  • Advertisers to extend their reach into one of the largest mobile audiences
  • Drive visitors to download advertisers' apps directly from Facebook News Feeds
  • Promoting an App created at Facebook to encourage and get Facebook users install it

Best Practices:

Wisely specify the target audience, budget allocated with the ad campaign, and time span you intend your campaign to run for.

  1. App Engagement: To use the app & engage

Beyond installing, the success of an app lies in people installing, using and engaging in activities featured in the app.

 Good for:

  • Appealing users with Facebook app to engage in more activities featured in the app

Best Practices:

  • Carefully state the targeted audience, the budget you have to pay with your ad campaign, and the time frame you intend for your campaign to run
  1. Event Responses:  To increase attendance in your event

Through these Facebook Events you can promote online/offline events where you would like your Facebook users to attend it or promote them in their network. This paid advertising selection will help you increase attendance to your event.

Good for:

  • Increasing the crowd in the event you are promoting through the Facebook events pages
  • Informing visitors to know more of what your event is offering
  • Seeing the counts of people who have viewed the event, number of joins, saves and maybes the event has received

Best Practices:

  • Optimize your event’s cover image
  • Choose a title that is simple and direct so guests know straight away what to expect if they RSVP “yes.”

Quick go through tips:

  1. Go in with established goals.
  2. Include a clear and straight call to action
  3. Use your Facebook ads to highpoint special deals
  4. Ask question or ask to fill in the blanks
  5. Try activating Sponsored Stories as an add-on


Hopefully after reading this blog you have a better idea as in how Facebook marketing can be used as a powerful direct marketing tool to expose your brand and get more targeted customers.

Have you used Facebook Ads for your varied business objectives? We would love to hear from you.