How To Rank Videos High: YouTube Video Optimization


Video content got to be a mainstay of your digital marketing strategy as it is the only best tool to humanize your brand. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world with more than 30 million searches every month. But it is very unfortunate to see that many businesses will never show up in the Youtube s search results because they have not included video content in their digital marketing strategy. Although achieving a great number of video views is a questionable feat, it is not impossible if one has got the "just" right  Youtube SEO optimization techniques. Before we dig deep into the techniques, here we show an example of a video for which we rank on a competitive keyword:

This video is ranking #1 for the keyword "Best Web Design Company" - Watch Here

best web design company Now that you can see that we have proven strategies on video optimization, let us dive deep into the ins and outs of YouTube SEO, together with how you can rank videos high in both Google and YouTube.

Step 1: Find the right Video Keywords

Alike SEO, the YouTube SEO process also begins with the keyword research. The basic objective is to find keywords that show YouTube results on the first page of Google. Google generally shows video results for these types of keywords:

  • How to keywords ("How to run a social campaign")
  • Tutorials ("Setting up WordPress")
  • Reviews ("L oreal bb cream review")
  • Fitness or workouts related ("15 min body workout")
  • Gaming & Smartphones ("iPhone 6 official video by apple")

Optimizing Video Keywords get targeted traffic to your video directly from Google s first page. Takeaway - When you are choosing a keyword that tends to work well for YouTube, do a quick check to find out if Google is showing video results for that keyword on the first page.

Step 2: Add Rich Title to the Video

By rich I mean keyword rich but not keyword stuffed . For example, If you are aiming to rank for "Wordpress tutorial" you need to draft a title like: "WordPress Tutorial for Beginners - Make a Website". 6

  • Eye catching
  • Attract attention and induce people to click on it
  • Keep the length preferably within 65 characters
  • Include your brand name, like "Brand Name - Primary Keyword"
  • Contain keywords which are related to the services

Takeaway - Put your keyword at the beginning of the title to give an SEO boost to your video.

Step 3: Add a Video Description

The description is without any doubt very important because Google and YouTube cannot listen to videos, they count on your text description to find out what lies in your video. Here goes the basic guidelines for the same:

  • Put your link to the top of the video to maximize CTR to your website
  • Include your primary keyword in the first 25 words
  • Make your description at least 250-words long

Here s a sample of a description for a video optimized around the keyword "Ecommerce Website": videop optimized Keywords   Takeaway - SEO-optimized description assists Google and YouTube to know what your video is about without being spammy.

Step 4: A pinch of relevant Tags

Just include a few keywords to help YouTube and Google learn what your video is about. In the example below, you can see the several keyword phrases for SEO, listed as relevant tags so that when people search on YouTube for them, there is a chance it be shown in the results.

  • Take in the brand-specific tags
  • Make use of YouTube auto-suggest feature

Tags Takeaway -Targeted tags DO help you rank for your set & targeted keywords

Step 5: Get more & more Video Views

In order for your video to rank well for competitive keywords, it needs to be shared & get LOTS of views. Like in an example below - The article embeds the video from Cognus Technology on Social Media Business Strategy. more views

  • Refer your video on Q&A Sites (Quora, etc)
  • Add link to your video at the end of the article
  • Embed the video into your answers & comments
  • Embed it in the Blog Posts

Just like Google uses inbound links to rank your page, YouTube also uses these links as a ranking factor. Takeaway - More views are directly proportional to higher search engine rankings.

Step 6: Use YouTube Analytics to Get Deeper Insights

Use the Analytics tool within YouTube to get an insight into the performance of your video.

  • Follow the Number of Views by Selecting Time Span
  • Check Ratings to See What Echoes with Your Audience
  • Analyze Your Audience Demographics
  • Monitoring as per the Viewer Drop-Off
  • Check video's retention rate
  • Boost Subscriber Engagement

7   Takeaway - Monitor the report on regular basis to identify the trends in rise & fall for formulating a better strategy. You can track everything, like for how long viewers watched your video and exactly at which point they dropped.

How are you devising your Youtube video optimization strategy?

It would not be an overstatement to say that very minute there is a chance that your content will be noted amongst the mountainous number of endearing celebs and baby videos. When people are searching YouTube, they are keenly trying to know more about the products and services. It is very easy to share YouTube videos via social networks, or embed in company websites or blogs.

Are you capitalizing on YouTube to the best for developing your business online? Not yet?

Reach us for a clear insight on Youtube video optimization service for improving your business overall digital presence.