How to remove bad backlinks from Google


Solution for How to remove bad backlinks from Google in 2 easy steps

If you have a business site, then managing its back links can be a challenging task. Your website could receive a Google penalty if someone performs negative SEO on it to be ranked, or you gained bad back links inadvertently.

Today, first we understand how to identify accurately and remove these bad backlinks from the website. Here is the easiest way to identify and remove the bad backlinks from the website. All you require is to follow two simple steps:

Step 1 - How to identify the bad backlinks?

After doing lots of research work, we suggest that links from sites with very low social shares and unrelated sites are spammy. But categorizing bad links are quite difficult because there is no particular formula that defines what a bad backlink is.

Let us take an example. Until a year ago, links gained from Guest posting were touted to be one of the best back links, but nowadays they can penalize your business site. Parallel, press release links can wreak havoc with your site now. But two years ago, they were golden for backlinks.

That is what we are trying to convey, the definition of a bad backlink transforms with time. To find backlink the vital tool is Google Webmaster.' It will help you find "how to remove bad backlinks from Google?"

  • You can use the best tool, i.e. Google Webmaster tools to generate lists of all the links and their anchor text that reflects your website. You might be surprised after the result to see how many links you have crafted in all these years!
  • Now you would need to check and decide which of these links are harmful
  • There is no particular rule to it, so a manual check up has to be done

What you should do though is download a whole list of websites that have been sending any links back to your website and save them on your PC in a spreadsheet, so you can evaluate them one by one based on the following criterion:

  • Links from sites that are de-indexed or penalized by Google
  • Unrelated websites, guest posting on unrelated niches
  • Forum profile backlinks are in general not a good idea
  • Hidden links: links from adult or gambling websites
  • Links from Spammy comments and forum profiles
  • Links to other websites that you may be controlling
  • Websites with irrelevant and duplicate content
  • Links from directories that aren t moderated
  • Links from article directories
  • Websites with thin content
  • Link manually exchanged
  • Suspicious backlinks
  • Site-wide backlinks
  • Cross-linking
  • Advertorials

It may take some precious time to do this, but you'll get used to it.

Step 2 - How to remove bad backlinks from Google?

Once you have a list of bad back links, you can then go to 'Google Webmaster Tool' to deny all the suspicious link to your website.

  • You will then need to upload a .txt. file with all the links listed together that you want to disavow
  • That should take care of it!

Google will then over time, perform its duties and disavow the links, but it will take a while to see a change in your rankings, often several weeks before Google deletes all the bad backlinks and reconsiders your website as a good one.