How to Turn Your Traffic into Conversions: Steps to Increase Conversion Rates


Traffic and conversions. That s what a business online craves for, and usually it starts with traffic, in the beginning. Traffic is great! Has it ever happened that you logged into Google Analytics one fine morning and found something like this?

That s a fantastic feeling yeah! But what if it is a- "high traffic, low conversion" conundrum. 96% of the visitors leave the website without completing the actions marketers want them to make 70% of people abandon shopping carts without completing purchase Have you ever wondered what might be the reason behind bounce rates?? Factors behind handsome amount of visitors not being converted into customers:

  • Design, appearance and user experience - not up to mark
  • Information visitors expect to find immediately is - buried in a loop of web pages
  • No phone number or instant contact option
  • No social buttons or less active social media profiles
  • Lacking mobile responsive design
  • Features, offers and benefits of product/service not immediately apparent to new visitors

How to Increase Conversion Rates-

1. Use Headlines That Sell

Catchy and convincing captions that create first strong impression. Headlines are the first words of your contents - Always use the one that speaks well of your contents It is the headlines that either pique the readers attention to read more or repulse their minds to abandon the page.

Right choice of headlines can increase conversion rate of your pages on the SERPs and grant you high CTR. It arouses the users interests to read more of your content.

2. Implement Easy-To-Submit Forms

A quick submit form is a must on the Home Page and also the inner pages of website, to provoke an action from your website visitors.

To optimize your forms for conversions, follow these tips:

  • Only add field that are absolutely necessary - Longer the form, less likely someone will fill it out.
  • Place your form at the top of the page - To let the visitors see the form when the page is first loaded.
  • Be sure that it is highly visible the second a visitor lands on that page.
  • Try and use user-friendly CAPTCHAs as visitors take it as a challenge-response question you commonly see on forms.

3. Use Catchy Calls-to-action In Your Buttons

If you desire to pack all your conversion power into one small space - that would be "call to action" button. "Submit" & "Register" are a commonly used term by all. Why not try something more compelling.

Common action terms that really work: "Start Today" "Let s Go" "Get Started" "Chat Now" "Request a Call Back" "Try today" Consider using specific terms relevant to your industry. Like, you might use something like "Start Your Engine Today" if you sell automobiles or auto parts. More interesting your call-to-action is (including the form), more likely your visitors turn into customers.

4. Loading Time: Website abandonment is directly proportional to page load time

47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 3 seconds or even less 55% of online visitors state that quick page loading is important to their site loyalty

Internet users tend to be very impatient. If loading of a website takes more than 5 seconds, one can be sure that most of the visitors will not sit around and wait but go surf elsewhere. In addition, loading speed is also important as part to improve SEO. Google put sites which are loading faster on top of search results.

5. Social Accounts Sign In

Users hate filling out long registration forms, so they may find it much more convenient to sign in with pressing only one Facebook button.

6. Show A Special Offer: With Urgency And Deadline

Display an offer that users cannot refuse. Offer the visitors some valuable stuff free of charge. For example, if you sell bikes, you can offer your users to download a coupon from your site for flat 20% discount (valid till **/**/****). You can create urgency and deadlines by:

  • Restricting the time for which the offer will be available.
  • Let them know - the offers are getting out of the stocks with the demand of order increasing.
  • Let them know - the price of the offer will never remain same and may hike any time later

Make them believe they are getting the Best Deal: Highlight all the benefits you can provide the customers by placing it forefront:

  • Free shipping available
  • Free 3 months expert support
  • Pay after trial

Do not let these benefits come at the end of checkout process. Inform the users about that on the main page.

7. Meet Users Expectations - With quick search bar

Make it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. Attractive headline may grab their attention from the banner, but what if they cannot find immediately what they are looking for.

Your main goal any day is - to sell! You do not need this traffic attracted with rich taglines & poor conversions with unpromising data. In order to sell you have to let them find what they are looking for in a simple step with a search bar on landing page.

8. Go Visual: Audio/Video/Pictures are taking Over

Videos on landing pages are noted to increase average page conversion rates by 86%. Businesses marketing with infographics produce conversions on an average of 12% more than those who don't. People on internet are becoming lazier to read, so show them what you want to say in the picture and video format. Moreover, it is desirable not to replace the whole text, but supplement it with multimedia material.

9. Do you use pop-ups? Optimize it

Pop-up helps increasing goal conversion on a website or blog. But knowing that how pop-ups are used is much more important - It might adversely affect not only the page goal conversion but the website as a whole if not well used.

Tips to increase traffic conversion with pop-ups on your website:

  • Keep the close button apparent to let the visitors have a choice to close it if desired.
  • Do not keep the pop-up time too long to discourage visitors.
  • Let it be welcoming, like a message of appreciation - Thanks You for Visiting) to the blog/website visitors for stopping by on the blog before call to action message helps improve the pop-up conversion tendency.
  • Do not let the pop-up appear infront of the visitors at every visit - Set the time, either weekly or monthly through the users cookies.

Pop-up helps increasing goal conversion on a website or blog. But knowing that how pop-ups are used is much more important - It might adversely affect not only the page goal conversion but the website as a whole if not well used.

10. Reviews & Testimonials that Convert

Products and services with reviews and testimonials have a 12.5% higher conversion rate than those without.

The testimonial in the example above has more weight because of the actual results included. The takeaways:

  • Make it easy to contact you
  • Ask to fill form with as few fields as possible
  • Optimize call to actions
  • Add offers/giveaways to prompt them action right away
  • Go visual

Your conversion rates are key to your sales and profits. So, figure out the most prominent conversion formula for your business with an expert advice from us & start improving on them today.