Why is LinkedIn a popular choice for B2B marketing?


In B2B marketing, lead generation is crucial and generating quality leads is important than the volume of leads produced. From the list of social platforms available, which proves the best in B2B lead generation across B2B sectors, is the primary question. Having analyzed over 100,000 posts across channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook & Google, Oktopost declared LinkedIn as the highest ranking platform for B2B lead generation.

LinkedIn has become as a preferred social media platform for B2B marketers at present. This may gradually show a shift in future but as of the current online market scenario, if B2B marketers want to concentrate on one big platform, then LinkedIn is the option they should choose.

Above infographic presents the percentage of B2B leads generated through various social media channels:

LinkedIn - 80.33 percent (Majority)
Twitter - 12.73 percent (following LinkedIn)
Facebook - 6.73 percent (following Twitter)
Google+ - 0.21 percent (as per the analysis it shows the least share)

Looking into the detail, each social media channel has its own benefits, the utter reach of Facebook, the ability to share out news via Twitter, the noteworthy growth in Google + and the advantageous SEO merits it provides. In actuality you would be using all of these platforms. But going by the facts & figures, LinkedIn is the current platform which majority B2B marketers agree to choose generating qualified leads and conversions.

  • 96 percent of the posts in discussion groups generate leads which produces up to 86% conversion rates.
  • Out of 3 converted posts, one is a post with question mark (?) in the subject line
  • Half of the members on Linked In are business decision makers, what else to say
  • 79% are of age 35 years or more

Following is the trend of posts on LinkedIn and conversions generated through them

If we go by the case studies, following are the stats for HP and Samsung: HP made use of LinkedIn recommendation adverts to aggressively encourage people to recommend its products and share these recommendations within their networks Within the first two weeks of running the ads, around 2,000 members recommended HP products on LinkedIn profiles & groups which brought them 300000 followers in a period of just 2 months.

Result: HP became the first ever company to get over 1 ML followers on their LinkedIn page Samsung, for its product Galaxy Note 2, created a microsite and invited visitors to log in with their LinkedIn profiles & pushed them to share it within their connections.

Result: The strategy helped Samsung to a reach of 20 ML people The infographics and reports show it well that LinkedIn is not just another social media platform but a powerful & influential tool when it comes to B2B marketing, expansion stage company, connect robustly with the market and showcase your products to gain respect and popularity.