Inner page design

Inner page design

Inner page design

Inner page design

About The Company

Chatnee is an online directory that provides a long list of restaurants that attracts a large number of  food lovers worldwide. Their broad range of services includes free listing of restaurants, business/product catalog, searching of the best restaurant and offer direct communication facility to the buyers.

Project Challenges

Lack of balancing between essential elements like:

  • Color combinations
  • Easy navigation
  • Website structure and layout
  • Interactivity
  • User-friendliness
  • Low download speed

Cognus Solutions

Our designers worked very hard to put the dreams of “Chatnee” into reality by:

  • Studied model of the business
  • Procured best graphics and content
  • Designed website with frequent communications
  • Checked the site for O.S and browser compatibility
  • Received final approval

Results Achieved

The outcome is the well-designed website with essential elements:

  • Fresh and creative design
  • Excellent graphics solution
  • Unique and eye-catchy look
  • Easy navigation
  • Compatibility with W3C standards
  • Increased customer satisfaction rate