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About The Company

IVEI is a hub of hand-crafted products working with an initiative to support the craftsmen who have design skills to create products of taste and style of the present era. They design colorful and innovative handcrafted products for offices, home décor and others places.

Project Challenges

IVEI was facing the following critical issues:

  • Lost in the crowd for generic keywords
  • Inactive on social media
  • Conversion Rate Problems
  • Low organic search traffic
  • Higher bounce rates

Cognus Solutions

Team Cognus was focused on developing online presence and delivered help as:

  • Online strategy development
  • Structured the objective by keeping the motive of engaging the targeted audience
  • Worked on several optimization techniques
  • Implemented unmatched SEO techniques for better ROI
  • Delivered higher brand credibility

Results Achieved

After the SEO and SMM activities, IVEI has experienced:

  • 40% decrease in the website’s bounce rate
  • 55% increase in search traffic
  • 30% increase in Facebook likes
  • 25% increase in twitter following