Joomla web Development

Joomla Development is based on an open-source content management system (CMS) with thousands of extensions and designs, backed by a large community of coders & developers. Joomla ecommerce website development is well suited for the development of wide range of simple to complex shopping portals giving it a versatile, user-friendly and strong functional utility.

Reasons why choose Joomla web development services

Joomla web development involves PHP script and MySQL database. Its CMS allows owners to completely maintain their website with minimum effort and maximum output. Web development services in Joomla offers the following
  • Layouts that can be personalized as per needs
  • Permissions system that supports multiple authentication protocols (LDAP, OpenID etc) which allows access control
  • Easy SEO optimization with incorporated SEO friendly URL, meta-tags and right title format
  • Multilanguage support and UTF-8 encoding
  • Easy addition of extensions any time in the future to add extensive features
  • Menu Manager that gives you the ability to create & change the structure of your menu hierarchy

Custom Joomla Development from Cognus Technology

With the expert coders and web designers, Cognus Technology combines its 6+ years of experience in the development of ecommerce portals and website solutions for its clients bringing them exponential growth and worldwide success. Unlike much other Joomla website development company India offering custom development services to clients for once, we provide cost effective solution throughout the development and also after the launch, supporting & maintaining the ongoing running of your website with integrity and safety.

Our Joomla Web Development Services

  • Installation & configuration
  • Joomla web design & development
  • Joomla Portal Development
  • Joomla Theme development and template development
  • Joomla Ecommerce Website Development
  • Joomla Application Development
  • Template customization
  • Joomla Plug-in/Extension
  • Joomla Components development

Key benefits of choosing our services

  • Experience With our 6 years of extensive experience in web designing & development, we understand well the online business & give you the cutting edge.
  • Passionate work We even work out of hours to get the work done perfectly on time with quality never compromised at any level.
  • Reasonable Price We offer you clear quotes for specified work, with no hidden costs and no out-of-control budgets. Our prices are affordable and in alignment as per the projects.
  • Powerful extensions incorporated With number of powerful add-ons, the functionality of this CMS can be enhanced to suit your exact requirements.

Contact Cognus Technology for Joomla website development services

Choose joomla development service from Cognus team of experts and help your websites achieve an excellent user interactivity and functionality, thereby boosting sales for your business.

By planning things from the beginning, dividing the project in modules and keeping things small, we make sure to give our clients the attention they deserve. We ensure you optimal Joomla web development solutions customized to your needs through consistent communication and feedback