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Inner page design

Inner page design

Inner page design

About The Company

Masina House is an interior design consulting firm, offering services for residential and commercial projects. The diversified team of consultants utilizes their expertise and experience in the interior design to reflect the creativity in the dwellings and commercial spaces. “Lina Bangash” is the owner of Masina House Design Studio, conveys a unique style to every project, create magnificent interiors and satisfy the needs of inhabitants. The team carries a consistent brand message through quality work.

Project Challenges

The original website was facing numerous challenges and disappointing visitors as:

  • The navigation of pages was illogical
  • The home page was confusing from the user’s perspective.
  • On the top of all issues, team of Masina House needed a design to manage the site cost-effectively through Wordpress.

The new website required to serve the diverse need of visitors and to convert those into potential customers. The project needs some SEO activities to achieve higher rankings due to:

  • No ranking in search engines for the most important keywords
  • No social media activities of the website
  • No proper indexing for the web pages
  • No high results for the site in Google search results

The biggest challenge is to serve the diverse need of audiences and available in front of them with the popular keywords.

Cognus Solution

In order to achieve the goals of Masina House for website design and search engine optimization, Cognus developed a strategy aimed at producing easily manageable website without compromising on demands, brand and complexity.

The Approach and Solution

  • Cognus conducted in-depth research of background of Masina House to understand the concept of website, demand of target audiences, client expectations and the areas of its services.
  • We shared a broad range of recommendations for user interface, refinement of content and step-by-step on page activities.
  • We have done comprehensive analysis of keywords for a website to deliver results to the clients.
  • We made regular presentations and prepared detailed documentation to incorporate the changes throughout the project.
  • Followed a strong content strategy and executed it interestingly by distributing the articles and blogs over the web.

Results Achieved

Now, Masina House is able to generate more revenue in less than one month. The website speaks to target audiences with streamlined navigation, fresh and updated look.

  • 3 of the major keywords are ranking on 1st page Google results.
  • The company observed organic traffic of 5000-6000 visits/month within the agreed upon period.
  • Website has improved over the PR and relevant back links to deliver authentic information to the clients.