Php web Development

PHP Development is widely-used open source platform for dynamic web development. Php web development basically was focused for server side scripting, but its applicability has broaden to custom content management system and dynamic websites with the flexible modular programming functionality that it offers. PHP Ecommerce web Development allows customer retention by creating rich user experiences and thereby earning more business.

Need for PHP website Development Services

Php can be can easily be updated through a customized framework without high-end technical dependency. It provides the best interface because of the flexibility & its advanced ability to interact with databases. In addition, PHP applications do not require any compulsory framework for its development.

  • Functionally rich: Develops complex applications with great features
  • Highly scalable: It has multiple extensions which make it extremely scalable and helps you measure ROI for creating a better position in competition.
  • Integrated SOAP support: It allows you to build interoperable software over a variety of platforms.
  • Easy integration: It runs on all platforms & integrates with other technologies, thus takes away the burden of redevelopment & reuse.
  • Easy embedding: It can be easily embedded into HTML. This makes it very smooth to convert an already existing static site into a new dynamic website.
  • Faster processing speed: It is fast to develop & ensures quick turnaround time for effective business solutions.

Custom PHP website development from Cognus Technology

Cognus, with its team 0f 30+ programmers & web developers has offered custom PHP programming services to global clients for the development of online ecommerce website. Our team has developed customized solutions from a simple website to the most complex applications & highly professional website to satisfy client’s needs.

  • Application Coding & Programming
  • Migration & Porting to PHP
  • PHP Ecommerce web Development
  • PHP Application Development
  • PHP/MySQL Web Development
  • Skype based API Integration
  • Customization & Integration
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Open source CMS solutions
  • Web Development with MVC Architecture
  • Application Testing and Maintenance
  • Frameworks Based Development

We have a team of software experts who have excellent database skills and are well versed in various frameworks, programming and algorithms to help create consistently formatted code, ensuring our clients a full package of robust & highest quality solutions.

Custom Php Website Development Features That Cognus Technology Offers:

  • Fast & flexible solution
  • 6+ years in IT solutions
  • Competitive pricing & timely delivery
  • Innovative technologies & creative applications
  • Clarity maintained of the actual project progress
  • 24/7 constant support across all time zones

As a php web development company in India we train our clients and produce solutions that satisfy both the sides at the end of the project.

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We understand the IT industry and the demand from the customers that is required on every project. With our special team in PHP development and customization, we provide web solutions that deliver maximum ROI. If you are also looking for a php web development company in India who can offer superior quality web design & development, then contact us for the same.
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