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Engage and Expand Your Audience with Our Social Media Marketing Services

Effective social media optimization services and integrated marketing campaigns via new & existing social channels can foster deeper engagements with people. We believe that if you wish to set your business apart from your competitors in market, you require developing creative and original social media strategy for marketing.

With SMO services company India like us you can:
  • Target your customers.
  • Enhance word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Control brand image to add new customers.
  • Stay on zenith of conversations in your industry.

For quite a long time in advertising, marketers have been accepting low conversion rates for the deployment of a banner ad or television commercial, with a single message for a crowd of audience. This technique typically requires considerable investment and extensive deployment, without even knowing whether those promotions are actually reaching the most appropriate customers or not.

Partner with Cognus to Increase Online Lead Generation

Cognus is a digital marketing agency who offers social media services India for businesses to tell their story in a way that will drive engagement and execute conversion results. We are well aware of the way customers look at products & services, their manner to connect and purchase has changed. The visitor drive starts online and our media services India team guides you to respond to those changes in purchasing behavior of users.

We help your company pose for growth, combine your marketing & promotions activity across web search, through social channels and content marketing to achieve your targeted goals.
Our team of experts has helped clients across the board with planned social media marketing services and in six months time the online revenue shows impressive numbers.


  • Strategy and Planning
  • Developing content for social distribution
  • Company Profile Set-Up on spectrum of channels
  • Scheduled social posts
  • Analyze competitor’s strategy & latest social trends
  • Showcase company’s product & services
  • Measure customer engagement
  • Conversion tracking
  • Social Monitoring
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Measuring effectiveness
  • Track lead and audience activity

As no two companies can be considered to have the same requirements, they cannot be provided with the same solution. Therefore through social media services India we design bespoke & interactive solution for every individual business need.

When You Join Hands With Us, We Offer You Customized Social Media Optimization Services

Our dynamic team of experts ensures that the organized solutions for businesses are balanced for maximum profits. Following is what we employ


  • Connecting to social platforms.
  • Joining the social conversation & building good brand worth.
  • Measuring the result of social media investments.
  • Maximizing effect by measuring key performance indicators.

Our work speaks for what we do. To know about our quality of work, you can go through the case studies of our efforts that we put in all the projects.

Managing the social presence on web can be a full time activity that requires team-based approach with consistent effort. Most organisations do not have ample time and expertise to direct and run the social campaigns & brand promotion on their own. That compels them choose for the SMO services company India who can help them develop the robust online personaltiy.
Agencies offering social media services India require to put real efforts in monitoring competitor activity, fan doings and establish new traditions of engagement. We believe in it and provide value to let you gain the competitive advantage and thereby a higher ROI.