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With a pleasing & highly functional website you can not only make your presence realize in market, but also escalate your revenue by attracting more traffic. To reap all these benefits in a comprehensive online marketplace, you can approach a renowned web development agency Florida for an excellent website with smooth design & navigation, relevant content and latest backend technology.

  • Cost Saving – Cut the huge budget to hire a designer and QA team
  • Time saving – Concentrate on critical tasks
  • Pleasing design – First impressions do count a lot
  • Cross browser compatibility – To make it accessible to all visitors
  • Increased search engine visibility – For more traffic

Welcome to Cognus Technology – A distinguished web development company in Florida

With over 6 years of combined experience in design, build and delivery, we strive to create seamless solution when the desirable seems unachievable. In association with our clients, we focus to deliver the best until we fulfill their dreams.

Whether it is a single page website, multisite, Ecommerce site or a Customer Management System (CMS), we provide solutions to help them become recognized for the products & services they offer.

We have learned over the years that building trust with the customer is always #1 priority to build a business.

Our web design services Florida includes:


Our team of qualified web design experts build websites that functions as great as they look by aiming on user-centered designs in order to increase engagement.


We build online store designs that focus on providing the visitor with straight messaging and strong calls-to-action for promoting increased conversions.


With state-of-the-art web development, our web development agency Florida aims to provide solutions based on usability, security and efficiency with high solution productivity & performance into a perfect blend, matching your business needs and expectations.


Keeping in line with the online traffic that the client demands, we offer SEO friendly web design services that helps you rank well on search engines to improve conversion rates from increased website traffic.

How you can succeed with us:

Customer Oriented Service

Our guarantee to long-term partnership is echoed from full-cycle services that we offer covering every facet of web design & development. Through complete transparency of accomplishments and deliverables, project management and seamless communication, we assure 100% customer satisfaction.

Maintenance & Support

Cognus make available continuous support and maintenance for the design & build delivered. Out support team offers corrective and timely maintenance along with second and third level support services.

Quality Assurance

We consider it as an essential step in any design & development routine.

Our web design agency Florida incorporate testing & QA processes according to the internationally accepted standards and practices with cutting-edge testing tools to ensure the highest quality delivery.

Reach us for web design services in Florida

If you need any help in putting your ideas to life or revamp the existing designs, then please give us a call anytime and let us know, how we can help you.