Why Us

We have a result -driven approach & a promise of unfailing customer service, assuring you the maximum high quality services which will never let you down. With the excellent, highest quality assistance we provide to your business, you will reach the heights of digital success.

Knowledge and Proficiency

We have provided expert services to more than 700 companies in over 15 countries world over and have their success added to our testimony of digital expertise, with the span of our services and expertise widening with each passing day.

Industry Experience

We have over 6 years of experience in providing professional Digital Marketing, Virtual Assistance and Internet Services for several clients all around the world including those from US & UK. With each new project our expertise multiplies. At Cognus, we even improve "The Perfect".

Domain Expertise

Our extensive experience of Vertical and Domain assures that we understand what exactly the client needs and cater to their needs in a way no other can. With the great knowledge base and professionally qualified experts we have at hand, we deliver solutions for every kind of client issues.

Our Technological Capabilities

We have experts for every king of technological needs of our clients. With such proficiency we are always able to deliver timely and perfect results at reasonable cost. We constantly keep updating our technological knowledge and stay ahead of time.

Quality Assurance

Despite of providing services as competitive rates, we always provide high quality services to our clients and never compromise with the class of our clients. We keep regularly following up with our clients for any updates needed.

Qualified and Committed Staff

We have a staff of over 100 trained and professionally qualified experts, who are fully dedicated to what they do, which guarantees the success of any project they undertake. They are committed to customer service 24*7.

Process Superiority

At Cognus, we use superior quality technology for all projects. The methodology we use are proven to be successful and the practices we follow are the best ones in the business. With such quality processes we assure you outstanding results for all your projects.

Client-centric Approach

Cognus keeps the customer at the centre of each activity. The sole objective of our team is to provide the clients what they want. If it’s something that provides no value to the client, we don’t do it.

Effective Communication

We keep our communication with the client convenient and the client never has the grudge of communication gaps when it comes to working with Cognus. We've trained & experienced employees specially to communicate fluently with customers.