Affiliate And Email Marketing

Affiliate and Email Marketing

Just as a chain of sales persons market and sell your product for commission, using affiliate marketing services you can get many websites to sell your product in exchange for commission, which ultimately makes it a cost effective yet profitable practice, which any business must make use of. Affiliates provide links to your products on their websites or through email marketing for commission based on cost-per-sale, cost-per-click or cost-per-lead.

The splendour of affiliate marketing lies in this - you don’t need to invest into the marketing and promotion of your product or service, someone else does it for you. The affiliate earns their commission, the company gets to sell their product without having to invest in its promotion and sales and the customer gets the product they desired. This makes Affiliate marketing one of the most inexpensive and value for money online marketing practices.

Get the best of Affiliate marketing services with Cognus

Our team of more than 100 marketing specialists at Cognus builds and handle Affiliate management services for you and lead to performance based results, in turn enhancing your business profitability. We have an experience of over 6 years with clients in 15 countries in generating leads, raising profits and improving online reputation for a better performance of affiliates, thereby reducing your effort with our expert Affiliate Marketers.

Our Affiliate Marketing Process

At Cognus we set up your affiliate marketing account and then form a strategy as per your business requirements following the discussions with you. Our Affiliate marketing strategy follows the process that starts with planning and ends with follow-up, the best way to succeed in any marketing service. The process in brief is as under:

  • Planning the suitable affiliate marketing strategy
  • Creating and managing the plan
  • Recognizing & enrolling affiliates
  • Expansion of campaigns
  • Referral packages
  • Affiliate and client Settlement
  • Monitoring the performance of affiliate programs & reporting

Key features that differentiate Cognus as an affiliate marketing company

Cognus is an ISO Certified digital marketing company with a specialized marketing team of 100+ professional marketers who work as a very good team to form and execute your affiliate program. We have an experience of more than 6 years in affiliate services and have a success rate more than any other service provider. We operate in more than 15 countries all over the world with almost 200 happy clients using our affiliate program. Our services are different because of the following benefits our digital marketing company provides:

  • We have close associations with a huge range of affiliates all over the globe.
  • We have over 6 years of experience in providing affiliate marketing services
  • We have a regular affiliate targeting process by experts for sales improvement
  • We have an expert team of content writers providing extraordinary content to the affiliates
  • Our network of affiliates is most carefully selected by experts
  • We have a target based team work that enhances sales.

The Benefits of working with Cognus

We understand you: Being professionals in the field, we know just what you need and understand how we can make it the best experience working as an affiliate marketing company for you. We understand the requirement and know how to make it a reality without any hassles.

We select the best Affiliates: We select the best affiliates in accordance with your needs. We plan according to your need, thereafter recognize and subscribe the best for you.

We give you Regular Update: Our team regularly updates the affiliates regarding your business through communication sources and makes it sure that no communication error is made making the whole system perfectly organized all the time.

Regular Tracking and Reporting: Our team regularly tracks and provides you monthly reports about the affiliates so that there is no lack of information and we may act well within time in case of any disorder or deviation in performance on the affiliate’s part.

We have a dedicated affiliate marketing team: We have a team of passionate affiliate marketers who is professionally well equipped to handle all issues related to affiliate programs and resolve them without much trouble.

Thinking of an Affiliate program? Think of us

So if you are thinking of getting affiliate management services for your business as well, better get the best one, talk to our experts. They will suggest, plan, implement and handle everything related to affiliate management and marketing on your behalf providing unthinkably good results.