4 Ways To Pump Up Your Sales With Twitter Analytic


This article will make your Twitter analytics amazing, read or miss out!

Don't fear, if you can't stand the pace of social media, it's easy if you do it the right way. Various social media tools add value to a marketing strategy, in addition to this, Twitter is the most powerful tool to dig deep into the target market.

Before we make a plan to optimize the media strategy, let's take a look at some eye-popping facts about the reigning social media monitoring tool- Twitter.

  1. Unique 36 million monthly visitors.
  2. 288 million monthly and 100 million daily active users.
  3. Average 170 minutes per month spent on tweets.
  4. Average 208 followers per user.

How to Get Twitter Analytics

The recent roll out of Twitter's native analytics platform made it simpler than ever before. Now you can get some quality data right away from your tweets.

A strategic social media analysis lets you optimize your tweets so that you can align them with the business goals. Many tools are available to measure your activities, through which you can make better decisions for your further posts, like:

  • Which of your tweets people are sharing?
  • Which links are performing well on your posts?
  • Does your advertising actually make sense?
  • How many users are redirecting to your website?

With such social media metrics, you can easily visualize your growth. But keep in mind, using Twitter as a marketing strategy and mastering Twitter analytics to increase the leads are two different things. In order to boost the powerless strategy, you need to focus on the later one.

Steps to get more from the data behind tweets

Gigantic number of tools to fetch the analytics will be of no use if you don't follow a strategic maneuver. In order to focus on the current market trends, below steps are important:

1. Define your target: You should focus on the interest of your followers because studies show that 80% of people follow brands to access exclusive content. Explore the top 5-10 interests of your followers and use them to make your social goals that will eventually flourish the business goals.

2. Discover what to measure: Each metric has some business advantage associated with it, for instance:

  • Brand awareness can be measured by the number of new followers and retweets.
  • Growth of your target audience can be measured with tweet reach and impressions.
  • Number of clicks to your website can give you an insight of sales and conversions.

3. It's a matter of time: A definite time frame would be great to observe the activities. Don't waste your time to analyze the metrics every day, make a weekly plan to track short-term progress while a 3 month plan will be helpful to measure your long-term success.

4. Take effective Actions: Analytics can add a lot to your online strategy, but if such metrics fails, all you need is to improve your plan of actions. Identify your weakness and then dive into the analytics; surely the number of followers will rise.

At present, advertising and hashtags are interrelated, and surprisingly, more than 20% of commercials contained a hashtag during this year's Super Bowl. Find out which tags work best for you and keep an eye on Tweet reach, these are the most helpful data that certainly maximize the user engagement.

If you haven't mastered the skill of optimizing the big data, then be a smart marketer and get professional aid to generate more leads via Twitter analytics.

Twitter analytics is the most powerful tool to identify the weakness in a media strategy. Identify your objectives and take actions to improve your marketing efforts.

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