Web Design | SEO | Social Media Ignore none for the other


As per the top website design agency India: Having an internet presence in today s digital age is a must! If you do not have one, begin building it right now! Whether we are talking about a website, an e-commerce portal, a social media page or a blend of all three, getting your brand online will earn benefits which you cannot afford to lose. Even if the company does not do business online, the existing and potential customers are expecting to find you online. And you not being found online would make a poor impression on your customer base and the word out about your business. Let s consider some cases to understand clearly the interdependence & importance of the trio - Web Design, SEO and SMM as digital marketing tools.

First case:

Focusing only the graphics design of your website and nothing else may result in an attractive website that is hard to be found.

Second case:

In the other case if you only focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and nothing else, your web pages may be friendlier to the web robots but not to your web site visitors, which can upset your conversion rate.

Third case:

Focusing only on social media marketing and nothing else may get you valuable number of engaging fans & customers, but the return on investment may fall far behind. So you get it, Right?? How all 3 are interlinked & significant components of a successful Online Marketing Strategy? If you aim to attract visitors, you need exceptional SEO. If you want them to reach you or purchase from your site, obviously you need great web design. And, if you need to create a lot of word-of-mouth recognition for your brand or run a viral marketing campaign, it could be none other than social media marketing.

Best website design agency India, being in the business from long time knows that there is no one-size-fit-all digital marketing strategy.There might be a lot of buzz on Facebook, but it may or may not be the right choice for your business. This is why Cognus as an experienced offshore web design company in India always start by reviewing client s business goals. When you ask us: "How much should I spend on SEO? Should I go for social media marketing for my business? Do I need to revamp my web site? Is blogging right for me? Should I go for PPC?" Our answer is - "it makes sense only if it relates to your business goals". Here is the checklist our Marketing Strategy Consultation:

  • What are your prospective business goals? What is currently functioning and not functioning for you?
  • What is the primary objective of your web site? - To attract new customers? Or to retain existing customers? Or to expand a new market segment?
  • How are you presently attracting new customers? How much are you spending on these avenues? What percentage of your new clienteles comes from each of these avenues?
  • How are you retaining your current customers? What methods are you engaging to encourage repeat buying behavior?
  • What are you formerly doing with your online marketing? Do you follow a budget plan? Or how does this fit within your marketing strategy? How does your marketing strategy go in line with your overall business goal?

By taking a look at this big picture, we help you answer questions such as in what should you spend and how much - whether on SEO or revamp site or social media. A marketing strategy that do miracles for someone else may or may not prove right for your business. So an amalgamation of all three can lead you in proper direction. For this reason, Cognus has 2 departments:


Professionals who are experts in SEO, social media marketing, and web design,and

Business Consultants:

Professionals who can help you analyze and design a marketing plan that is perfect for you. Cognus is an offshore web design and Search engine optimization company India with tested marketing strategies in multitude of niches, so we speak from experience rather than a memorized sales pitch. More than knowing the comparative importance of web design, SEO, and social media, having a coherent marketing strategy that brings your business objectives and marketing goals on one way is important. Only then can you confidently tap the return on investment you have been looking for. Call us anytime for any advice that you need for your business online presence.