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Inner page design

About The Company

Citron is the idea to reach out to every house with flavorful collection of the best dry fruits at the best price. They provide the great selection of dry fruits & nuts handpicked from the premium farms and processed at the state of the art facilities, delivered right to their customer’s door.


  • Easy navigation
  • Site must be Responsive
  • Website to load quickly
  • Eye catching content
  • Site must be appealing to visitors
  • Must be compatible with all the browsers

Cognus Solutions

The expert developers provided the following solutions:

  • Added fresh content
  • Made it attractive for visitors
  • Created a full responsive website
  • Crafted it in a way that suits all browsers
  • Completed bit-by-bit development activities
  • Done in-depth analysis for designing and developing the website

Results Achieved

  • Website successfully delivered as per the specifications