Competitive Analysis

Competitive business analysis is too crucial to ignore. While you're busy ignoring your competitors, they might be munching away your market share. Competitor analysis services in India can help you reveal your competition and let you know what they are up to which in turn can help you understand your target market.

Need to Outsource Competitive Analysis

Analyzing all information about your competitors is as important as having core knowledge of your own business. Hire our business competitor analysis services in India and create effective strategy formulation by analyzing critical competition in the market.

Competitive analysis helps in:

  • Identifying SWOT – that is strength, weakness, opportunities and threats analysis relative to your competitors
  • Analyzing present and future strategies of competitor
  • Understanding the strategies of potential rivals
  • Figuring out the policies, based upon competitor’s strategy, to be incorporated into your own decision making process.

Competitive business analysis concerns the assessment of the strengths and flaws of existing and potential competitors in market by placing them in vital groups for making business-concerning decisions.

Cognus Technology delivers focused Competitive Analysis

Cognus Technology with its team of 100+ market specialized analysts and researchers with profound industry knowledge in competitor analysis have completed more than 250 successful projects generating useful reports on company profiles to specific clients.

Cognus works closely with your organization to perform the whole procedure of competitive intelligence involving gathering, interpreting and applying figures of the products and services, pricing strategies and customer feedback about your competitors in the field.

Competitive business intelligence team at Cognus Technology target to answer the following primary questions about your competitors:

  • Identifying your competitors
  • Spotting their business goals and objectives
  • Finding the products or services they offer
  • Each competitor's market share asset
  • Discovering their past and current strategies
  • Plausible threats that your competitors might pose
  • Analyzing their business tactics and the success rate
  • Listing of their strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifying the media, which they use for marketing

Competitive intelligence Process followed at Cognus Technology

A mix of both qualitative and quantitative analysis is undertaken by the expert analysts to conduct business competitor analysis via various tool and softwares like SPSS and others.

Quantitative competitive analysis

It applies statistical models to weigh market conditions and product related aspects with respect to your competitors. Our in house team conducts a range of analysis techniques to conduct face-to-face, telephone, or internet surveys of any size. Specific elements covered are:

  • Target audience
  • Brand Recall
  • Product characteristics comparison

Qualitative competitive analysis

This procedure includes using web based research methods to analyze competitive intelligence data thus developing a detailed competitor analysis report. Relevant information is extracted while dropping the irrelevant data. Then after, it is organized in an easily understandable format to present and deliver it to the client.

Benefits of outsourcing competitive business analysis

Systematic approach of building company profiles and industry reports help enterprises in a professional manner to:

  • Avoid Poor Assumptions: Bad assumptions can prove to be extremely costly in your business. Whereas a well carried out analysis of market and relative competitors can help you form a much better strategy.
  • Showcase your weak points: Analysis and research reports can present your weaknesses which otherwise you would not get to know.
  • Improve Product/Service Offering: Competitive business intelligence< can help you determine best practices to improve you products and services offerings to the targeted customers.
  • Build a better Brand Image: Company profiling makes you offer unique value proposition to your customers, thereby building a better market position.

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