Data Entry Services

Most small and medium size businesses have a limited in-house support services in comparison to large companies. Outsourcing can help small and mid size businesses stay focused towards the core business activity and also give them an access to a pool of experts and technology that large companies enjoy.

Data Entry Services by Cognus Technology

At Cognus, we provide precise and high quality Data Processing and Data Entry services to more than 200 customers in 20 countries. Clients repeatedly outsource their Data Entry work to Cognus because of our consistency in delivering high quality output maintaining 99.99% accuracy level, timely deliveries and strict privacy policies.

Cognus specializes in full spectrum of Data Entry Services ranging from capturing, digitization and processing of data emerging from a varietyof sources, such as Web Forms, Emails, Fax, Scanned Images and printedhardcopies.

Having an in-house team of 100+ Data entry experts, including dedicated editing, proofreading and manual data entry teams to ensure the highest quality with 100% accuracy 

Range of Data Entry Services Provide at Cognus Technology:

  • Data entry from image files/books in any format
  • Data entry from Catalog or Data entry for online stores, or data entry from e-commerce websites databases
  • Business Transaction Data entries like as purchase or Sales or payroll
  • Data Entry from Yellow Pages or other business directories
  • Data Entry from websites
  • OCR / Capturing Data / data collection using automated procedures
  • Data Entry from surveys, survey forms or questionnaires and responses of  customers
  • Data Entry from Hardcopies /Printed Documents into MS Office
  • Data Entry into Software Applications
  • Bills/ Receipt Data Entry
  • Data entry for/From Email List/ Mail Labels
  • Manuscript to Word Conversion
  • Copy, Paste, Edit and Rewrite data into the required format
  • Business Card Data Entry into any required Format
  • Sort and Index Data into any specified format

Data Entry Company in India

Cognus Technology offers you a full spectrum of effective online data entry services exceeding the client's expectations. We provide accurate, error-free and quick on services in data entry for variety of industries.

Possessing the capability to handle large volumes of data, Cognus excels in providing data processing & management services abiding by the strict quality assurance procedure.

Why to Choose Cognus Technology as your Data Entry Outsourcing Partner

We are a leading provider of data entry services in India  serv making your data handling easy, efficient and less time consuming. Some key differentiators to consider when choosing us: 

  • We have closely worked with clients all over the globe from startups to big or midsizedcompanies
  • Over 8+ years of experiencing in providing various outsourcing services to clients all over
  • We have qualified teams for each of service field and this helps us dedicatedlygenerate time-focused output
  • Can handle from small amounts to large volumes of data entry and processing
  • Strict control measures to double check errors and ensure absolute quality
  • Provide services like data conversion, data capturing, OCR (Optical character recognition), survey processing, forms processing etc.

Why Outsource Data Entry Services to India?

India over all these years has become a leading hub for data entry companies. By integrating accuracy in services, state-of-the-art technology and qualified professionals, data entry outsourcing services provided in India covers the full length spectrum of offshore data entry services.

Data entry India has proved to be beneficial because of:

  • Low cost resources availability
  • Time zone difference (that exists between Western countries and India), which keeps your business working 24/7
  • Flexibility in staffing and manpower administration
  • Data processing with quick turnaround time and without compromise in quality

Data entry is vital in transforming the raw data into information as per your business needs. So it cannot be compromised at any level by giving it a low priority. An outsourcing data entry services partner could be the right choice for you, saving you all the time, money and business critical resources which you can put in developing your business and taking it to heights.