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About The Company

Lechal is the world\'s first interactive haptic feedback footwear company. The insoles & shoes are designed to communicate with the user via vibratory responses, making it a hands-free experience.

Project Challenges:

LECHAL was looking for a social agenda to raise awareness of the launch of world’s first ever Interactive Haptic Footwear. The secondary goal was to build an engaged community around its brand on social platforms to make the product reach maximum people & encourage them to preorder of the Lechal insoles & shoes.

Cognus Solutions:

  • Extensive strategy on how to expand brand awareness on Big 4 - Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+
  • Drive relevant engagement with the audience induced with the exclusivity angle -“First Ever Interactive Footwear”
  • Consistent brand voice on multiple platforms
  • The product informative video was shared across channels to help aggregate views
  • Creatively and innovatively designed cover photo & posts displaying all products and their benefits educating people on the product
  • Run user engagement campaigns to attract more traffic.

Results Achieved

  • Fans, followers and view counts increased for the brand on social platforms.
  • Twitter followers increased by 5% in just one week
  • Video views has increased “immensely”