We will either find a way or make one.

At Cognus we connect the marketing skills with technology, and provide you a ‘Conversion Based’ digital marketing solution. We are committed to engage you in the decision making process from the day one.

Our six step proven methodology to let you shine online.


Our experts will sit with you and discuss what your specific needs are. We will listen and understand your desired goals.
In order to identify your business objectives, we will ask questions to get the insight of your target audience.


After the interactive session, we pass on the desired information to the analyzing team who then discover and strategize the actions responsible to meet your goals.
At this stage we determine where you are doing well and what gaps need to be filled, so that your online presence will enhance in a smarter, faster and more efficient way.


Now that we know what needs to be changed, our software development team will take the lead to create best-in-class tools for you.
We ensure a complete Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is followed step by step to keep a check on project risks and deliver the best services to our clients.


At this phase we will provide you a complete end-to-end assistance to let your target audience stick to your brand. Excellent SEO service, high quality content and an effective social media marketing plan will be served to ensure your brand recognition.


We use specific tools to monitor your online presence. For example, we focus on how many likes and shares have been increased on the social media, how much targeted traffic has been generated on your page?

We actively assess our strategy whether it is delivering the promised outcomes or not, and then we tune up our campaigns to develop meaningful growth of the brand.


We care a lot about improvement; so we constantly uphold your projects. Our Maintenance and Support Program ensures that the finest innovative practices are being used to deliver optimal results recurrently and the ROI you need.