Product and Brand Reports

Developing new product & services involves unforeseen risks. To control the probability of unfortunate consequences, accurate understanding of your customer requirements & conducting proper product research and development is very necessary. No new product/service can be successful without studying as to how it is going to work in the market. For this, new product research needs to be done.

But not all companies are capable of conducting such extensive market research on their own. This is what has given rise to so many product research services in India. But then not all such services can possibly be the best, and you must choose the best one in order to get the best new product research.

Product Services specific research at Cognus Technology

Cognus is a digital marketing company in India which provides marketing, data processing, outsourcing and research and analytics services. We are a team of more than 100 professionals working for business needs since last more than 10 years. We aim at integrating new product market research which creates a profound impact on the costs incurred on product research and development.

We take down your business specifications and provide you with a detailed document containing each product design research and service strategy, trends & patterns observed among consumers, customer value proposition, suggestions towards packaging improvements and delivery aspect by using our exclusive product research tools. This product and service research effectively plays a crucial role in controlling down or up streaming the manufacturing process.

Our Product research services India:

We use some very effective tools for product research and provide a vast range of product research services right from new product launch research till product packaging research, some of which are listed below:

  • Product design research
  • Target audience research
  • Product Testing
  • Product concept testing
  • New product launch research
  • Brand name research
  • Product innovation services
  • Product Packaging Research

Our range of Services specific research:

Launching a new service is a more daunting task, because opinions about services are often more subjective in nature, which makes it harder to know what will work and what won’t. Keeping this in view, we also provide service specific research like innovative services research, brainstorming for new service ideas and relaunch market research etc. Some of our service specific research services are as follows:

  • Service innovation research
  • New service idea research
  • Service concept testing
  • New service target market research
  • Service relaunch research
  • Customer need research
  • Service post launch research
  • Service usage study
  • Service delivery research

What differentiates Cognus product/services specific research?

Our years of experience in both product as well as services specific research work in India and our unrivalled team of over 100 professionally qualified research experts is what makes us stay ahead in competition since last 15 years in the field. Our client base of more than 150 successful businesses shows how we handle product & service research in a technically sound manner. Here are some benefits that we provide and distinguish us from others:

  • We have the capability to handle extensive market survey needed for product research services
  • Our exclusive and high quality product research tools make it possible for us to stay ahead of others
  • Service specific research involves a lot of brainstorming and investigation in the market and among the potential customers, which requires research experts which Cognus has.
  • We have a strong hold at market analytics and other product/service specific tools for research.
  • Our team of product and services research has professional expertise in market research.

New product market research helps you identify the key factors that matter to customers switching for the products. Research can also be used to focus on other aspects also related to the way services are delivered end to end and product packaging.

So worry no more about products and services development by hiring our dedicated staff for the product R&D services.