Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Nothing in business is more important than hiring quality people. You may have plans and strategies all set for your business development but if you don’t have the refined work force, none of it comes to life. Recruiting process outsourcing at Cognus Technology can get you the desired task force through its advanced recruitment administration.

Why recruiting process outsourcing is important for any business?

In a competitive environment, all business organisations focus on more productivity and reduced operational costs; thus to achieve this, your company may handle core business functions in-house and try to outsource non-core operations. Human resource outsourcing is one of the business functions which the organisation can easily outsource for cutting cost, time and effort without compromising with quality.

Recruitment process outsourcing at Cognus Technology

Cognus Technology as a recruitment agency India, with its streamlined HR solutions, experienced professional recruiters, employee relationship management and research-based comprehension, promise the delivery of improved HR strategies with noticeable employee satisfaction.

One can avail a wide range of HR solutions through Recruitment process outsourcing - conducting interviews, maintaining records, examining employees, auditing HR policies, managing performance, retaining employees or building employee spirit.

Our human resource outsourcing covers following:

HR recruitment services: Cognus understands the intricacies of selecting, hiring and carrying out the administration of employees in a global economy. Our RPO executives recruit candidates through already set connections, referrals, industry associations and online resources. There set of responsibilities include:

  • Project hiring
  • Applicant interviews
  • Candidate screening
  • Recommendations & Reference analysis
  • Recruitment administration
  • Retention administration
  • Applicant background check
  • Integration of new employees
  • Multi-faceted management
  • Survey management
  • International Human Resource helpdesk
  • Labour Consent
  • Full & final settlement

End to End Payroll management: With a qualified team of HR professionals, recruitment outsourcing from Cognus Technology ensure efficient collaboration and management to accurately pay your entire workforce over numerous locations. Payroll system from us covers the below listed functions:

  • Payroll helpdesk
  • Payroll processing and reporting
  • Remuneration processing
  • Statutory compliances
  • Minimize salary-entry errors
  • Administer employee tax jurisdictions
  • Payroll tax reporting
  • Online benefits enrolment
  • Time off tracking

Human resources information system: Aim of HRIS is to simplify the time-consuming employee information management in order to meet the strategic needs of an organisation’s human resource administration and development.

  • Intense data security
  • Plan review and analysis
  • Acquisition planning
  • Placement confirmation
  • Leave Management
  • Employee incentive services

Benefits of Cognus Technology

  • Recruitment outsourcing from Cognus Technology lets your company achieve better productivity and profitability. We employ the latest technology such as the HR-XML data exchange, Web 2.0 along with integrated HR Platforms to deliver fast and accurate recruitment solutions.
  • We very well understand the confidentiality your data and adapt the needed security and privacy measures at every level
  • Get premium quality recruiting process outsourcing with our team of HR professionals, research analysts, process manager & experienced recruiters on a short time span

Reach the prominent recruitment agency India for hiring quality people and managing them in the most efficient manner to nurture maximum productivity.

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