Security and IP Protection

Dealing with digital process for a long time now, we totally understand and follow secure practices and specially keep an eye on Intellectual Property Rights and related issues. All our employees follow our security system and we respect security, IP and business data related issues, thus follow a strict security process & policies at Cognus.

Intellectual Property Rights Protection

No disclosure of Client information

  • We get a Non Disclosure Agreement signed with all our clients and provide maximum data security.
  • All our employees are required to sign agreement of non disclosure while joining the company.
  • We do not provide any information related to our clients.
  • No proprietary information is disclosed to any person not related to the project.
  • It's strictly seen that no client related information goes out of the company's premises.

Project based IPR segregation:

  • We have dedicated resources for every project, thus preventing any unauthorized access to IP information.
  • Our strong ethical structure makes sure that no information is exchanged across projects.
  • All project teams are working on different locations disallowing any exchange of information.

Security Policies

Physical security

  • Employees are provided with Biometric Access Control System so that no unauthorised person can enter the premises.
  • 24*7 security is maintained in our premises.
  • Fire protection is regularly maintained in the office premises.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited our office premises.

Data Security:

  • Employees not working on particular projects are not allowed to access the employees working on those projects.
  • Unauthorized access is prohibited in all areas of the work place.
  • No employee is allowed to take client's project related data to home.
  • All data is regularly and carefully taken backup of keeping us ready for any kind of mishap.
  • Removable media like pen drives, CDs, DVDs or other memory storage devices are not allowed to move in or out of the workplace.

Network Security:

  • VPN/VLAN/VNC is not allowed in our systems, if it is allowed, it's only to authorized persons.
  • All our servers and systems are virus & spam protected.
  • We have used secure technology for our WLAN.
  • We keep ourselves equipped for quick replacement and repairs in case of any damage or malfunction.