Inner page design

Inner page design

Inner page design

Inner page design

About The Company

TCS Material Enterprise is a wholesaler and trading Centre that has established in Singapore in 4 January 1999. They are specializing in Ferrous and Non-Ferrous material in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Brunei, and Indonesia. They provide full range of products and services including metallurgical consultancy services. 


  • Creative and Informative Website
  • Website to load quickly
  • Site with Slider
  • Dynamic website features
  • Must be compatible with all the browsers
  • Site must be attractive and informative to visitors

Cognus Solutions

The talented and skilled web development experts provided the best solutions as:

  • Designed the website with creativity
  • Accomplished in-depth analysis for web design
  • Added multiple features like slider, and made it dynamic.
  • Completed step-by-step development activities
  • Created it in a way that suits all browsers
  • Made site informative for the visitors

Results Achieved

  • Aesthetically best and engaging website 
  • Informative website delivered as per the specifications