Curtis A. Rogers (Marketing Associate)
What a fabulous job you did with keywords! We will be really glad to have such a reliable team of SEO experts. They had given me top rankings with their exemplary SEO services.  Cognus is the BEST!!! Overall, we appreciate their hard work!
Rating : (3.5 Star out of 5 Star)
Samantha H. (PR Manager)
We have impressed by what you have delivered through page viewing times, decreased bounce rates, increased resource utilization, and incredible value to our brand. You were so extremely organized in every SEO or SMM activities.
Rating : (4.5 Star out of 5 Star)
J. Beckett ( VP, Marketing)
Cognus addressed all our concerns at every stage of development and delivered my website within agreed time-period.  The way the team helped us to overcome the issues is highly commendable.  These guys are great and praise worthy.
Rating : (3 Star out of 5 Star)
Naveen Aagnesh (Marketing Chief)
Our website was languishing around page 10 or even below for our primary products even though we had completed some decent SEO. When we spoke to Cognus, that is when we realised there was so much more we could do.They strategized everything from scratch & produced quality results on SERP's along with the strenghtening of the social connectivity with the customers. We are happy to see our brand competing with leading brands in the online market. Great work!
Rating : (3.5 Star out of 5 Star)
Dakhil Ikram (Associate Business Development Manager)
Cognus Technology’s understanding of the project was excellent. The website designing and SEO team made every possible effort to deliver the outstanding results to the clients and given the biggest boost to the site. Thanks for giving us new opportunities!
Rating : (4 Star out of 5 Star)
Daniel Turner (CEO)
From the first conversation with Cognus, we got it clear that we are working with seasoned pros. From design and build of our company's website to the social media presence, all has been robustly taken care of by the experts at Cognus Technology. We really look forward to continue our partnership with them.
Rating : (5 Star out of 5 Star)
James Smith (Digital Market Expert)
Cognus Technology collected our business goals and delivered websites that through digital marketing practices are going from strength to strength since then. Their smart solutions and professionalism enable them to exceed client’s expectations-this is what I realized, partnering with them.
Rating : (4 Star out of 5 Star)
Paul Anderson (Chief Editor)
As a result of collaborative efforts of Cognus Technology, we experienced 37% increase in conversions compared to the existing pattern. Undoubtedly, we are a better company today than before with these sales figure and are prepared for success tomorrow. Our project had been delivered well short of the deadline we originally gave.
Rating : (4.5 Star out of 5 Star)