Training and Development

At Cognus Technology, we acknowledge that continuous training is an esential part of one’s individual development. The acquisition of knowledge, learning skills, and competencies are key features that are accomplished by tailored training and development programme. This indeed plays a major role in enhancing their skill-sets lining up with their corresponding roles.

We conduct competency-based mentorship and training. All core competencies required for an organization have been identified and we provide training in all the fields. Employee development is enhanced in areas of technical skill and behavioral development.

The education of a new employee is initiated by an orientation program where the expectations of our company values, vision and objectives are imparted to the individuals. Apart from this, training programs are conducted which focus on business and quality processes and functional subjects. During all these knowledge based sessions, employees of all levels positively participate both as imparters of knowledge and as learners, sharing their knowledge and experience across multitude of expertise.