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Cognus Technology is a leading custom web design company India formed by passionate and highly skilled web designers and developers serving over 400 clients over the world with their unparalleled quality and unmatched innovations.

Our web designing company India keeps itself updated with the latest technologies, best practices from around the globe.

Cognus – One of the Best Web Design Company India

We combine business analysis and creative web design experience together to provide you best possible return on your website development investment. Our one stop solution is customized enough to have a user friendly and easy to navigate facility that brings customer back to your website.

As a pro web design company India, we know that quality web design is a valuable investment for any industry. Here are some advantages of quality web design:

  • Consistent brand identity
    Professional designers create a visual language for your brand that is reliable across different perspectives. Your website appearance, logo, business cards, and even your social networking site’s profile have to be coherent.
  • More visitors who stay on the page
    You’re not here for clicks. You are here for their valuable stay on the page. Remember that most of the people will leave just after one quick look at your site. Something special will keep them interested and let them willing to buy your product or service online.
  • More customers
    Calls to action as sign-up, buy now, and learn more parts of your site. Where these actions are on the web page, how they look, and how functional they are to the customers will determine how many people decide to buy product from you.
  • Distinction from competitors
    Within one industry, there are various websites that look the same. They say the right stuff and the design isn’t too unpleasant, but they don’t make an effort to speak up about their specialty. Quality means telling all of your unique selling points into one relevant visual message.
  • Form, structure and purpose to the content
    Website’s content and its design need to be perfectly aligned. Most people will not put enough efforts to understand what you are trying to say. So various blocks of small text, confusing navigation, and indistinct calls to action should be avoided to stop visitors turn away.

    As a leading professional web design company India along with above qualities we also facilitate our clients for website re-designing services with our creativity so that your ideas exactly match to the reality. 

Why choose Cognus as a web design company India?

At Cognus, we have a team of finest web designers, developers, project managers, business developers, communication specialists and marketers. Based on one another’s talent and passion, our employees share their expertise, creativity and ideas to produce highest quality web solutions for their clients.

We build web applications that best suit to our client’s budget and business requirements as compared to other custom web design company India. Here are some of our distinct qualities:


  • 30 + programmers having around 5+ years of experience
  • Custom-made web development solutions
  • 100% abidance of NDA terms
  • On-time project delivery in line with specified requirements
  • Incorporation of proven methods
  • 24/7 customer & technical support
Contact us today and grow your company's web presence and revenue online with Cognus Technology, which is the best among other web designing company India.