Working at Cognus

Once we take up a task, we together put in all that it takes to make it happen

It is our people who make Cognus Technology distinguished and successful. As a fast growing global company with large aspirations, we track down people from diverse backgrounds and embolden them to take risks and proceed unconventionally to meet the challenges.

With full prospectus of development programs, the growth opportunities with Cognus are tremendous. Every employee here has the opportunity to nurture their skills to the best thereby create a long lasting & strong career with Cognus. Whatever be the role or pofile, all ideas and opinions are encouraged and rewarded. Together we stand and put our sweat and smartness in bringing ideas to life to make a mark in the digital world.

Working at Cognus Technology gives a flexible and supportive environment that will make the most of your individual strengths. Here you get opportunities to grow mutually that make both the organization and you proud on accomplishing the targeted goals.

We are looking for passionate individuals with the flair and talent to help us build unparalleled standards of business. One of our core policies is to retain the brilliant talent in our organization and prosper them into resourceful employees.

Work Culture

Our work culture enables growing together and creating a unique close knit behavior. We learn from each other regardless of the seniority levels. We conduct training programs and mentorship at periodic intervals to pair them with experience.

We endeavor to maintain the open culture. We have on-going parties, get-togethers, team celebrations, activities and occasions well lived. All this together brings oneness and cheerfulness in the office strengthening work-life balance.

Our offices and cafeteria spark interactions within and across teams, where our people feel comfortable participating in discussions both on work and fun.

At Cognus, the solidarity that emerges is indeed long-lasting accompanied by the success index skewed in upward direction. Our selection process relies completely on the individual's ability to perform as per the expected performance levels.